queer tongue gloss
Life & Language: the Dictionary of the Queer International (4/10)

queer tongue gloss

Mavi Veloso’s queer trans language is always in flux, twisting Brazilian Portuguese and English phrases into new contortions that coat the tongue in a queer kind of gloss. Listen as she performs an essay-poem (or something like that). Supplemented by a queer abécédaire.

Mavi Veloso reads queer tongue gloss.

Dear reader, I would like to share a bit of my crazy thoughts about a couple of words that might pop up in my mind when I’m talking to my beloved ones, my sisters, my hoes, my bitches, my girls. At the same time I feel that it’s such a difficult task. To talk about language, to talk about the way I use language. I don’t even know if I know how to use language. But I’ma mess some things up in here and i hope ojalá y’all gonna get it 🤞

What is it? What’s that? That comes in and comes out chuqa When it comes in it goes clean, shine bright like a lullaby xuca When it comes out it might bring some things in between: yellow submarine, pink dolphins, sharks and whales chuka You sit in comfy position, or standing still in shower watery rain, maybe crouch down your knees shukah It doesn’t need to be a lotta bomb, touch you down holy hole great, make it soft and fine, do it smooth and ease, press it in and out, good and proud xucah Liquid goes in and clean, liquid brings all out chuca Just relax your guts, get prepared to life, and lust, washing all you in and out, makes you safe baby no doubt :

One thing I like the most is when I see those hoes, trying to look at me around, thinking they get my sound. But then I throw that little twist, I change the phrase I mess this shit, it’s not a puzzle no no no, is just a word out of control. Neither do I know what the meaning is, but some of us can get the feeling of what this bitch is trying to say.

Acuendar, eu acuendo, tu acuendas, elu/ela/ele/éllis/ilus acuendis all together, separadas, corpo a corpo, side by side, private party, jogging mellow, hugging yellow, pink, redden the blue. Eu acuendaria toi if you get together with me, blink a gesture, dress a style, put some question up my face. “Acuenda, bi?! Look at her mixing popcorn with watermelon!?!” I will acuendation you, vous le vous coucher avec moi, quero te acuendar, kiss my lips. You acuendis me, if you hold my stone, my home, my bone, that banana, sensitive balls. Pega neca, hold my cock, attend, mon cher! Doucement je cache là. Un minute, deux, trois… turn it upside down, penis oh my trannies, outside in, connected in. Make it plus, beeeeeeaaaaautifull temp sexy vagi-gi. Balls up, penis behind, hold it up, tuck it in a perfect natural woman, Biological Tr4nny, fake it, make it, break and lake it, lick it up, honey, my cake is ready to eat. Acuendamos all together when we hold our hands ensemble, macaquinhus apocalipticus. Vamo se acuendar very much tonight and dance and trance and make it all so nice, so fine, so good, there’s no reason to let the boring world make us down. You want it, you get it, touch it, hold it, feel it, push it, tuck it in, put it up, hands up, legs up, dance down, tuck to me, tuck me in, tuck me up. Pretty woman, walking down the street, guuurl it cost a lotta money to look cheap like that, but if you don’t have acuehaquer, akuéeeehhh, largent, il soldi, the cash, the gold coins, just call dear Elza lovely aunt, mopping is advisable, and compulsory, never miss a click!!!  Steal it, love it, grab hold of it and throw it away. Look at her, acuenda um desejo, de-lhe um beijo, kiss a thrilling, swallow, bite it, swallow again. Sense it soft, petit petit, warm and wet, you get me deep. Acuenda. Desacuenda. Take it easy, tuck it eeeeasy, honey babe, and let it go, forget the low just let me glow, 1, 2, 3, we never know.

Now that y’all well warmed up, lemme tell ya something. Are you ready?!


I suggest you insist coz it’s all worth it, coz I will be fierce anyways. Quando essa piury se acabar, quero bater o meu canê até o dia amanhecer e vamos juntrrrahs together brilhar, okaaaaaaay ohaaaay nnnhaiiiii…

So, ass I said, Vamo fazer um bafão together?! Juntrrrahs together bilhar. Bater aquele canê, aquele picumã bem longo. Curly straight blonde and brown and red and curvy wavy wig, whip your hair, whip the wig, omg, I whip my hair back and forth, I whip my hair back and forth. Bem bafao, bem goixtoso, just the way I like it, just the way it is, just the way it has to be… Can y’all feel it?! Can ya feel a lil bit da sensation that tickles around your waist, this bafobubbling up your belly button down to you sassy juicy tuck?! That delicious delightful naughty bafo vibrating under u skin. It’s the heat, baby. It’s the beat, the bafo throbbing up, turning up your heartbeat, turning down the pressure of your reasoning. It might cum in the breeze, you smell the flower power bafo of my mouth breath, alooooka…Buuuurn, baby, burn, hahaahaha. It is hot isn’t it?! É bafooooo. But hey ya’all, don’t fall in love, Ok! Amazing bafoslike these we need to taste in little doses. It might be too amazingly bafônico for you to handle all the bafo at once. Do it safely and sexy, enjoy it ass much ass you can. But don’t fuck it up! Don’t play with me! Because if you disappoint me eu vou dar um bafo and finish up this gig before y’all even see. Besides, I don’t even wanna go down low on those piury bafos. Yes queen, I’m too much of a bafônica diva to lose my temper. I don’t even wanna touch my shiny acrylics with these shitty dirty flaws. I’ve been spending too much cash, too many dinheuro$$$ to do my nail claws, to make my hair toss, to put up the elã on my picumã and to keep my tuck well up to date. So let’s get our greetings and salutations out of my way right now. 

Hope y’all having some fun. 

That’s it honey mel! I could’ve gone on and on… but I prefer to save some saliva for other cutie beauty glow blow jobs. 

The library is officially closed for now.

See y’all around.

Mavi 😉

queer tongue gloss

A Queer Abécédaire

A – Acuendar, aquendar, alooooka, amapô, acué, anti androgen, Art, Amore, Agender, Ageism, Authority

B – Bafo e babado, Biodynamics, both and more, Body, Brasil, bitch, bixa, bisexual

C – canê ( canecalon), Communities, Cafe, Commons, Collectivity, chupar, chuca, cuendar, change, chana

D – Diversity, Differences, Dreams, Disruptive, Desire, dendê, death drop, dance, decolonize, dinheuros: I’ve been spending too many dinheuros to keep my claws, my picumã and my tuck update. But it’s all worth it coz I look fierce anyways.

E – edy, equê, Embodying, estrogen

F – femme, Feminism, fight, f2m (female to male)

G – gongar, gongação, Geopolitics, Gender fluid, global, gay 

H – Homo, Haleluh, HIV, Heterotropics???, Hard, HOt, my herstory i design from the hot spot top of my  high heels

I –  Imagination, intersex, international, interracial, individual, identity 

J – Joke, Jail

K – Kuir, Kill it, kiss

L – Listening, Left, learning, leading, Lesbian

M – Mel, Ma vie, mona, Mara, Mildreds, Medo, make up therapy, m2f (male to female)

N –  New mistakes, nena, neca, name, nonbinary, non fugitive, non giving a shit to this negative cistem.

O – orgasm, object, okurrrrr!

P – Piury Picumã d’amapô, might be puking poucas e boas when I’m a flourish my real tranny. Progesterone estrogen, Precarious Penis beauty, performance in the air, they all goin to see whose Power is to arise. Process, power, pandrogynous. Quando essa piury se acabar quero bater o meu canê até o dia amanhecer e vamos juntrrrahs juntas brilhar

Q – Queer, Queen, quende

R –  Radical, Revolution, Reclaiming, relational

S – Seashore-at-night, Social kitchen, Stories, Storytelling, shemale, sex, sound of justice, south, show

T – Trrrrah, Tenderness (Radical), Transgender, Tuck, truque, todas, travesti, tranny, traveca, trava, transition, transgressive, ternura radical

U – untuck, testosterone, todos u will never know

V – Vogue, voice, vocal chords, Vajayjay

W – world, wtf (what the fuck!?!), wig

X – xuca, xana

Y – yes, yay

Z – zarrar, zzz, zarrow cazmiga

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Written and performed by

Mavi Veloso is a Brazilian multi-disciplinary artist, currently based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  Transdisciplinary by passion, she integrates her experience as a performer, visual artist, dancer, actress, singer, and music producer in powerful stage performances combining pop with different styles such as R&B, trap, hip hop, synthpop, dance pop and Brazilian rhythms such as tecnobrega, Brazilian funk and others.

Illustrated by

Hagra is an artist living in the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia. He was born in 1992 almost immediately after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Hagra is a transgender person and a pansexual, so naturally the study of gender and sexuality and their place in post-Soviet culture has become the main focus of his art.

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