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The Great Glasgow COP-Out
19 min Read Now

The Great Glasgow COP-Out

In early November 2021, thousands of global environmental and climate justice activists gathered in Glasgow, Scotland for the 26th annual convention on climate change to demand for an energy transformation and the health of the world’s most vulnerable communities.

Navel Gazing
4 min Read Now

Navel Gazing

An insight into America’s “culture wars” using the example of Dave Chappelle to highlight the extant and emerging fault lines of artistic freedom of expression and censorship.

Squatch: A Big, Hairy, American Metaphor
6 min Read Now

Squatch: A Big, Hairy, American Metaphor

In the redwood forests outside Santa Cruz, author Sidd Joag’s childhood curiosities are awakened when he meets cryptozoological archivist and founder of the Bigfoot Discovery Museum, Michael Rugg, who life’s work leaves him questioning the relevance of Bigfoot’s existence versus the value of celebrating intellectual curiosity.

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The Painting
21 min Read Now

The Painting

Thirty-two years after Willem de Kooning’s Woman-Ochre was stolen from the University of Arizona Museum of Art, it was discovered in the bedroom of a deceased woman in rural New Mexico. Only the painting knows how it got there.

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