Long Hauling

Long Hauling

Long Hauling is a series of essays highlighting the stories of “long COVID” survivors and community efforts to use the lessons learned from other viruses to provide care for patients during the early months of the outbreak and into the uncertainties of late-pandemic years.

This series foregrounds the processes and politics of long hauling with a keen interest in how people think from within a pandemic. The collection of essays centers around long COVID––the prolonged and enduring symptoms of illness months after initial infection with the coronavirus. Those of us who suffer from long COVID often call ourselves long haulers. The pandemic is an occasion to reconsider broader notions of long hauling and learn from the challenges of long COVID, while cultivating reciprocity, holding uncertainty, and nuancing our efforts with lessons from other viruses and their related movements.

Here we share writing about community efforts in storytelling, archiving, and harm reduction, surviving illness, and organizing steadily over long periods of time. To imagine thru, within, yet also beyond the pandemic, we can use everything from audio archives to zines, op-eds to theory, mutual practices of aid and cohabitation to thrive over the long haul of sustained illness. 

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How Does it Hurt?

When the world is caught in collective pain, it is strange that we don’t know how to talk about it. In this creative and personal pain-scale, Nishant Shah names, heeds, and measures a shared language for holding pain.

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