The GOAT PoL—The Geopolitical Open Atlas of The Polity of Literature—solicits, develops, and publishes new writing by disenfranchised writers around the world. Many of these authors are stateless people, refugees, prisoners, children, or others whose political agency has been compromised. The writers are in charge, submitting whatever they’re moved to write. The GOAT PoL supports their work by assigning a skilled Reader/Advisor/Editor (RAE) to work with them, editing and revising, and by paying the writers when we publish their finished pieces.

Most writers return and publish more. Many read others on the site, and seek out those who they admire, or they encourage people in their own communities to submit new writing. The GOAT PoL is a community formed by writing and reading together. In nine months we’ve published more than 200 original stories from 150 writers in twenty countries on six continents. Each year, four of them will also be writing books with us, which The GOAT PoL will publish through the Publication Studio project in Guelph (also supported by Musagetes). The GOAT PoL is a living, functioning “polity of literature.”

The value of The GOAT PoL is the political agency that’s brought into being by a commitment to writing and reading together: readers and writers of The GOAT PoL are not shoppers (or vendors) in a market of stories—we are members of a polity, a community of relationships based in equality and mutual respect. We hope you’ll join us by reading and writing at The GOAT PoL, and by making your presence known (every author’s byline clicks open to offer “read more by….” and “send the writer a fan letter;” use this as a way to reach the writers whose work you enjoy).

Visitors to The GOAT PoL can navigate our homepage map to find stories, or they can consult side-bar lists of “most recent,” “most popular,” or nearby” stories, or they can use the search bar to find stories on specific topics, from specific places, or written by specific authors. Anyone can submit a new story, when there are RAEs available to work with them. 

Every two weeks, on ArtsEverywhere, this series will present our “Staff Picks,” brief recommendations of outstanding new stories on The GOAT PoL, given by some our eight RAEs. Subscribe here to receive The GOAT PoL’s bi-weekly list of “Staff Picks” directly in your email, and view past recommendations below.

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