Ladies & Ladies: Travesti Biológica

Ladies & Ladies: Travesti Biológica

Travesti Biológica is the debut album by Mavi Veloso. Featuring 11 new songs, the transgenre electronic pop album traces the stories of trans and non-binary identities, struggles, resilience and empowerment spanning elements of pop, contemporary R&B, hip hop, trap, electropop, synth pop, dance, tecnobrega, and reggaeton.

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With the release of the album Travesti Biológica, artist Mavi Veloso will release a new bombastic music video every Friday on ArtsEverywhere. The videos comprise a visual album focusing on Mavi’s personal stories as a travesti migrating from Brazil to Europe. The videos draw on stories of the diaspora of trans women who migrated for reasons of oppression and survival, and the need to discover new horizons.

Travesti Biológica was performed and produced by Mavi Veloso, in collaboration with Urubu Marinka, Salisme, and Fitgirl. Her creative direction was in collaboration with Pauli Scharlach and executive production by BicudaRec.


Concept: @maviveloso
Co-Creative Director: @pauli_scharlach
Music Production: #urubumarinka #Salisme @ftgrl909
Features: @hellatropikahl @natashaprincess @brunomendoncaart @assumevividastrofocus,  João A Paes
Mix & Master: @rhrmusiq
Outfit: @alexcassimir
Photographer: @iso_0k
Assistant Photographer: #duduquintanilha
Photo taken at @leocamarcio’s (Brussels)
Artwork: @dbpaixao
Press: @assessoriza
Label: @bi.cuda

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