Over the past decade, journalism and the arts experienced seismic shifts in their forms, economies, and vehicles for reaching their publics. That became the impetus for broad experimentation with a widening scope of subject matter, medium, and influence. ArtsEverywhere.ca was borne out of the need to shine a spotlight on this artistic experimentation and deep exploration of the fault lines of modernity.

ArtsEverywhere believes that the arts must be a central component of individual and collective experiences of the world and a vital part of all social and political processes, including governance, justice, activism, economies, and education.

Musagetes established ArtsEverywhere as a creative space unlike any other—to create a site that covers a breadth of artistic and creative practices as they relate to social justice and human rights. Our stories have a life, a reach, an impact beyond their immediate context. 

We want our artistic journalism to yield deeper connections and long-term engagement—to combine artistic freedom and innovation with rigorous storytelling. At the same time, we feature artists exploring humanity in personal ways that resonate beyond the limits of journalism or academic analysis.

ArtsEverywhere’s main collections of work—what we call “Series”—are designed to cohere around a particular provocation, theme, or idea. 

ArtsEverywhere was founded in 2016 by Musagetes, an international philanthropic foundation based in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

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