What’s there to learn: Self-Education for Self-Educators

Free Home University and Musagetes are delighted to announce:

What’s there to learn: Self-Education for Self-Educators

An (im)practical conference, a convival residency,
A common_home_kitchen_library_school_farm_mural_song_struggle
An aleatoric exhibition, a book launch, a football tournament, a walk to the sea
(and other exercises on the occasion of five years of Free Home University)

June 19-26, 2018 in Castiglione d’Otranto (Lecce, Italy)  

Chto Delat, Keen Sputnik of Learning. from the Curriculum series, 2015

Since the beginning of Free Home University, an experimental artistic and pedagogical process that started 5 years ago, the geopolitical order of the world has changed drastically, resembling an imminent social, political and environmental upheaval. Western democracies are suffering an authoritative, conservative, populist turn, while our social fabric and human values are disrupted by economic pressures; Alt-right, neo-fascist, xenophobic and racist movements are rising; neoliberal, extractive, and exploitative forces are destroying globally the commons and the interdependent life of our communities, ecologies, and even epistemologies. What’s there to learn?

Which ways of knowing can help us navigate these times of social injustice and violence? What are the new investigations, the tools, the pedagogies that can help us reimagine our ways of being and relating? Who are our accomplices in this struggle of learning and unlearning, doing and undoing, and enlivening different paradigms?

A delegation of artists, curators, activists, educators, farmers and fellows from local and international communities, who gave life to and participated in Free Home University, will meet again in Castiglione d’Otranto (Southern Italy) for a week of conversations, exercises and reflections on what was learned through our convivial, artistic and research-in-action form of inquiry, what we need to learn now, in this aggravated historical moment—and with whom.  

The different processes that unfolded during the past 5 years will be restituted with What’s there to learn? A collective book, an exhibition with archival material, a mural, a series of film screenings, and artistic workshops reconsidering the themes, the intentions and the generative outcomes of the different investigations around commoning, migrations and displacement, queerness and feminisms, life and death, biodiversity, agroecology, decolonial gestures and art as social action against various systems of oppression.

Click here for details and a list of participants.

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Curtis Walker is an educator, musician, and arts administrator based in Guelph, Ontario. He holds a Master’s degree in Cultural Theory, where he focused his writing on experimental music. He also spent years as a member of the programming and organizing team for the Send + Receive Festival of Sound in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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