The Last That Could

The Last That Could

A graphic work of mixed media storytelling about ecological disaster and the last generation who can change the fate of humanity.

Humanity’s impact on this planet is devastating. If we take the geological time scale as a reference, the passage of our species through earth is instantaneous fire: it represents the irreversible destruction of many ecosystems. If we do not act in time, we may become the last generation that can do something to reduce the effects of the current climate crisis and avoid a major global catastrophe. However, in the face of it, we remain passive. “Life goes on,” says humanity. But this time it may not be so.

How can we help? This series tries to answer that question. “The Last That Could” is a multimedia project that uses experimental digital formats to illuminate the stories of artists, educators, farmers, Indigenous activists and defenders of the land, environmental lawyers, scientists….

This is the proposed change of people all over the world who, without intending to become heroines, have joined the group that is emerging as the last one that can do something to improve our future.

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