Rise Up & Talk: Refugee Radio, Ep. III
Rise Up & Talk: Refugee Radio (4/6)

Rise Up & Talk: Refugee Radio, Ep. III

In episode III of the Bidi Bidi podcast we hear seldom heard stories of survival from refugees on the road from Equatoria, South Sudan to Uganda.

The Road to Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement

Bid Bidi Media Lab host Richard Akim, his wife Mary Knight, and colleague Peter Lomude delve into their pasts to remember the moment in 2016 when the South Sudan civil war reached their villages, forcing them to leave everything behind and flee into the bush toward Uganda and safety.

In the episode below we hear intimate stories of loss and survival during their months-long journeys, as each moves south toward the frontier through villages ravaged by violence, menacing government checkpoints, and hostile militia-held regions. Akim shares details of how he was captured by rebels, ultimately escaped, and was reunited with his wife in an abandoned village, where she’d stayed hidden with the help of a lone village chief. This is the first time they have shared their stories with the outside world.

Rise Up & Talk, Episode III

Bidi Bidi Podcast episode III (31m, 55s) featuring interviews with Mary Knight and Peter Lomude.
Produced and hosted by Richard Akim. Edited by German Andino.

Filed Under: Multimedia & Performance

Produced & Hosted by

Richard Akim (aka Ray Styles) is a South Sudanese filmmaker, actor, mentor, community activist and co-producer of Bidi Bidi Media Lab.

Edited by

German Andino is an award-winning Honduran animator and journalist. He is co-producer of the Bidi Bidi Media Lab.

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