Ladies & Ladies: Travesti Biológica (9/9)


The latest video from Travesti Biológica affirms the need for self-respect, self-care, and empowerment.

“Puro” from the album Travesti Biológica by Mavi Veloso.
“Puro” means pure in Portuguese. And “Duro” means hard, rigid; it may also refer to duration in time. Resonating around the ideas of purity and rigidity, the song evokes a scenario repeated throughout history: men who are attracted to the trans body hunt us to indulge themselves in a selfish and cowardly way. When they can’t acknowledge their desire they commit violence, blaming trans women and travestis and also oftentimes bringing stigmatization over HIV issues. Despite these frustrated and exploitative encounters, Puro points to the need for self-respect, self-care, and empowerment.

Listen: https://li.sten.to/TravestiBiologica

PURO is the ninth video in the series TRAVESTI BIOLÓGICA.

Concept: Mavi Veloso
Co-Creative Director: Pauli Scharlach
Direction and Script: Bernardo Zanotta
Video: Werner van der Zwan
Video Editor: Mavi
Lighting: Eidglas Xavier, Bernardo Zanotta
Location: Worm Rotterdam
Original Outfits: Alex Cassimiro
Savior Mamma: Filomena Chiarella

Song Written & Produced by Mavi Veloso
Performed by Mavi Veloso & Pauli Scharlach
Additional Production: Urubu Marinka
Mix & Master: RHR
Label: BICUDArec

With support from Remo Studio, Worm Rotterdam, and Bomb Ass Nails

Travesti Biológica has the support of:
Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst
De Trut Amsterdam 
and 150 funders via Voordekunst

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Mavi Veloso is a Brazilian multi-disciplinary artist, currently based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  Transdisciplinary by passion, she integrates her experience as a performer, visual artist, dancer, actress, singer, and music producer in powerful stage performances combining pop with different styles such as R&B, trap, hip hop, synthpop, dance pop and Brazilian rhythms such as tecnobrega, Brazilian funk and others.

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