AXS Film Fund

AXS Film Fund

ArtsEverywhere is proud to support documentary filmmakers and non-fiction new media creators of colour with disabilities through the AXS Film Fund. Founded by director, producer, writer, and disability rights activist Jason DaSilva, best known for his Emmy Award winning documentary When I Walk, AXS Film Fund provides grants to help a traditionally marginalized field of filmmakers complete creative projects.

AXS Lab Names Inaugural Film Fund Recipients

Recent events throughout the world (violence targeted at people of colour, increasingly fearful and divided societies, isolation, the global pandemic) have crystallized the pressing need to amplify the voices of compassionate story-tellers, celebrate new perspectives, elevate culturally diverse voices, and further critical dialogue. AXS Film Fund seeks to dismantle the historic invisibility and lack of mainstream funding structures for minority filmmakers working to break into the creative industries.

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Starting in 2021, AXS Film Fund will award five grants up to $10,000 each to filmmakers of colour with disabilities who are currently in the process of completing non-fiction new media projects and documentary films in any stage of production. The goal is to generate recognition and expand opportunities for creators with disabilities, while supporting diversity in the field of cultural production and story-telling.

Generous support for the fund has been provided by the Bertha Foundation, the Center for Asian American Media, the Perspective Fund, and Firelight media. Additional funding will allow the organization to expand the number of grants it offers each year. To support the fund, please visit:

AXS Film Fund and ArtsEverywhere are committed to accessibility and inclusivity for all.

*Header image: Still from the film When We Walk

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