Depression Cooking: easy recipes for when you’re depressed as fuck

By Sonali Menezes


Sonali Menezes is a Hamilton, Ontario-based artist and writer whose mental health zines, including You’re so exotic, So you’re anxious as fuck, and So you’re thinking about suicide,  exist as home-made artifacts of small-scale community care and informal knowledge-sharing. The zines’ compassionate and irreverent tone comes as a huge relief in the context of institutional models of care, mental health crises, and the hollowness of commoditized self-care.  Sonali’s newest zine, Depression Cooking, offers very basic recipes to help folks who experience depression and/or a history of disordered eating to *just eat*. Based on what Menezes calls the trinity of depression cooking—mac and cheese, ramen, and toast—and things to put on them, this is an offering to help her readers through the darkest days of pandemic-induced isolation.

The first run of the printed zine was offered for free through the support of and Hamilton Artists Inc, and is published by PS Guelph. To download a PDF version please visit  The zine is now available at cost of production + shipping.

Please email to inquire about bulk orders.


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