Declan McLaughlin – The Path of Most Resistance

By Declan McLaughlin

Declan McLaughlin – The Path of Most Resistance

Declan McLaughlin: Vocals and guitar
Daniel Millar: Guitars, keys and production
Leanne Doherty: Backing vocals

Declan McLaughlin is a folk singer-songwriter from Derry, Ireland. Having risen to notoriety in former outfits “The Screaming Bin Lids” and “The Whole Tribe Sings”, Declan has had an incredible career to date including extensive touring across North America, Europe and Australia with artists such as The Frames, Damien Dempsey, Christy Moore and Gary Óg. Declan also works with the Bloody Sunday Trust, who is partnering with ArtsEverywhere to support artist commemorations of the 50th anniversary of the Bogside Massacre in Derry, Northern Ireland.

Buy The Path of Most Resistance on CD or as MP3s directly from Bandcamp.

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