Improvised Existence
Four33: An Improvisation Podcast (5/10)In partnership with International Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation (IICSI)

Improvised Existence

This podcast features elements of improvisation in daily life for a first-generation immigrant to Canada. Featuring TV producer, Amit Tandon.

As we consider the elements of improvisation in daily life, Episode 5 features a candid conversation with Amit Tandon, a television producer who is also a first-generation Canadian. Amit shares his memories of navigating the cultural divide between his home and school life via strategies of listening, agility, creativity, risk, and hope.

The episode includes an excerpt from the song “Immigrant” by Alysha Brilla.

Image: detail from untitled motion study by Steph Yates

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Carey West is a vocalist and educator whose professional experience motivates her research. She is interested in questions surrounding voice, agency and improvisation. Her MA thesis focused on best practices and liberatory experiences during extended vocal techniques and sound singing workshops.


Steve Donnelly is a live artist from Wales. His work explores and combines his interests in improvised play, performance studies, contemporary and historical uses of social space, popular culture, belief, and the commons.

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