Creative Misuse of A.I.

Creative Misuse of A.I.

Artist Eryk Salvaggio presents a personal history of algorithmic resistance in the creative arts, while revealing the shortcomings of A.I. tools and development.

As part of the Big Ideas in Art and Culture lecture series presented by Musagetes and CAFKA, artist and academic Eryk Salvaggio presented a talk titled “Creative Misuse of A.I.” at the Art Gallery of Guelph. Can you use A.I. to resist A.I.? In the video below, Eryk Salvaggio describes his engagement with A.I. from the perspective of “creative misuse,” pushing A.I. image and sound tools to move beyond often exploitative and incomplete datasets to critique surveillance capitalism. How can artists use and critique technology at the same time? How do we make sense of the messy entanglements between culture, surveillance, and labour at the heart of A.I.?

Closed captioning available.

Salvaggio’s video “documanifesto” on A.I. art was also previously published here on ArtsEverywhere.

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Eryk Salvaggio is an artist and researcher exploring technology through a critical lens. Starting as a part of the original movement in the 1990s, Eryk’s work examines creative misuse as a way of exploring and challenging new technologies.

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