Vibha Galhotra

Vibha Galhotra is a recipient of the prestigious Rockefeller Grant at their Bellagio Center, 2016. At present, she is an Asian Cultural Council fellow in the US, pursuing continual research on belief and reality to intervene on the subject of the Anthropocene. Galhotra's practice ranges across photography, film, video, found objects, performative objects, sculpture, installation, text, sound, drawing, and public interventions. Vibha shares that her art practice crosses the dimensions of art, ecology, economy, science, spirituality, and activism, with the aim of constantly trying to create a parallel between belief and reality, absence and presence, construction or [De]construction within the social, political and economic domain of our constructed structures. The constant negotiation of human with ecosystem and with the mystery within that ecosystem motivate her to continue her practice based on research and intuitive imagination to understand and question the alienation of the human in the atmosphere or the atmosphere in the human-dominated world. Through her massive but aesthetic work (both philosophically and structurally) she tries to redefine her own existence and ownership in this commerce-driven world.

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