Nissa Tzun

Nissa D. Tzun is the Project Founder & Editor-in-Chief of the Forced Trajectory Project (FTP). She is a multimedia artist specializing in illustration, graphic and web design, photography, film, public relations and investigative journalism. In 2009, She founded FTP, an independent media outlet that began as a long-term documentary project illuminating the narratives of families impacted by police violence. FTP has been exhibited across the nation and has received numerous awards and recognitions including the 2015 OHA Emerging Crisis Grant, and most recently the 2018 Resist General Support Grant.

In 2014, Nissa supported the inception of Families United 4 Justice, a growing nationwide collective of families affected by police violence. Over the last two years, Nissa and her team have raised over $50,000 to subsidize 150+ family members affected by police violence to convene at FU4J’s first two national network gatherings in Detroit and Oakland. Currently she serves as a family advocate, organizer and board member for FU4J. Nissa's expertise on police homicide and family advocacy has invited her to be a presenter and guest speaker at multiple conferences and on several media outlets including Linc Up Community Spirit Awards, UNLV Center for Social Justice's Radical Consciousness Conference, Allied Media Conference, Left Coast Forum, NPR, Paul DeRienzo's Let Them Talk, The Guy Dawson Show, The 'Ism Hour, and Speak Out with Tim Wise.

Nissa’s other works include documenting the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, the movement for sustainable solutions for native Haitians, and establishing the guerrilla media arts collective, ACD Media (Studios). She has served as a documentary photographer for movements including Anti-War, the Palestinian Right to Return, Immigrant Rights, Prison Rights, PRIDE and Climate Justice. Her work has been featured on several media outlets including Democracy Now!

She is a professor for the Hank Greenspun School of Journalism & Media Studies and writes for the Vice President of the Division of Student Affairs at UNLV. Nissa is a part of the core working group for Groundswell, a national coalition of oral historians working for social change. She serves as a Communications Fellow for the Center for Community Change and publishes on the Change Wire and ArtsEverywhere. Nissa is a 2018 Davis-Putter Scholar and is currently pursuing her Masters’ in Social Work and Journalism & Media Studies at UNLV.

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