Oleg Mavromatti

Oleg Mavromatti is an artist and filmmaker active since 1989, and a radical performance artist in 1990s Moscow, where he was a member of legendary Moscow performance art groups “Expropriation of the Territory of Art” and NECEZIUDIK, among others. In 1995, he founded the independent film union SUPERNOVA, producing cult movies that inspired the formation of Internet communities a decade later. Mavromatti has been legally prosecuted for his performance art and film work, and in 2000, his artworks and film archive were confiscated and many of his early works are completely lost and are now accessible only from VHS copies. Mavromatti left Russia in 2000 and lives between Bulgaria and New York, where he continues making films and art. His work has been featured in numerous publications in monographs and art journals. Together in Bulgaria, Rossa and Mavromatti established UTRAFUTURO, an international group of artists engaged with issues of technology, science and their social implications and ethical impact on contemporary society. Works by the group have been shown at the Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam), Akademie der Kuntse (Berlin), Exit Art (New York), the Biennial for Electronic Art, Perth (BEAP) and elsewhere.

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