Max Ferguson

Max Ferguson has been a practicing artist since 1996 and received their BFA from the University of Regina in 2001. They graduated with an MFA in Interdisciplinary Studies (Visual Art and Women’s and Gender Studies) from the University of Regina in 2017. Currently, they are pursuing their PhD in Women’s and Gender Studies at York University. Their artistic explorations revolve around socio-political issues, including feminism, gender, queer issues, the body, surrealism, and psychoanalysis. Max has worked with a variety of media, ranging from computer-based works and readymades, to paintstick, graphite, and digital collage. Currently, their work revolves around hybridized notions of photography, sculpture, installation, music, and performance involving the psyche, the body, activism, and queer theory. They are also a published poet and writer, hold a degree in journalism, and have worked as a political, legal, military, and arts writer in four different provinces over the past decade.

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