Lorrie Jean-Louis

Born in Montreal to parents originally from Haiti, her professional and academic career has been eclectic, but always focused on books. After completing a Bachelor’s degree in History, Culture and Society with a minor in Philosophy, she completed a Master’s degree in Literature on The Black Body and Intersubjectivity. She continued her studies with a second Master’s degree in Library Science. She has worked as a bookseller at Gallimard, research assistant, French instructor, teacher, freelancer at Mémoire d’encrier, librarian in the public library network for the city of Montreal, and then as a coordinator for the Regroupement des bibliothèques collégiales du Québec (REBICQ). For the past year, she has been working on the issues of reading “per se” and public reading from a social perspective, considering illiteracy and the ethnocultural diversity between subjects and readers. She contributes her services to various organizations as a mobile librarian while working as a development officer for the First Novel reading clubs at UNEQ (Québec Union of Writers). She is a board member of the Corporation du Salon du livre de Montréal and of the feminist publisher Remue ménage. In 2021, Lorrie Jean-Louis received the Prix du Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ), the Prix des libraries, and the Emerging Artist Award from Primary Colours/Couleurs primaires.

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