Ivor Stodolsky

Ivor Stodolsky (curator and theorist, Berlin-Helsinki) is Co-Founding Director and Curator of Perpetuum Mobile (www.perpetualmobile.org). PM’s recent thematic projects include the Re-Aligned Project (Berlin, Cairo, Moscow Biennial 2013, Tromso, Checkpoint (Helsinki 2014, Athens Biennale 2015, etc.), the Perpetual Pavilion (Venice Biennale 2009, Berlin 2013, etc), The Arts Assembly (Manifesta 8, CAFA, Beaux Arts), The School of the Displaced (Kiev Biennial 2015, Helsinki), and Pluriculturalism (Moderna Museet, Malmö). A writer with a background in philosophy, social theory and anthropological research, he is also an editor of publications such as “The Raw, The Cooked and The Packaged” and “The Square” newspapers as well as PM films. In 2016 he has been largely focussed on PM’s Artist at Risk platform which received the Annual Art Act Award for Safe Haven Helsinki, and was honoured with the European Citizen’s Prize of the European Parliament in Brussels.

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