Flip Couto

Flip Couto is a Brazilian dancer, performer and producer based in São Paulo, who uses his own body as a political statement. As a gay, Black male who is open about his HIV status, he questions, redefines and creates different layers within São Paulo's cultural scene. Flip's practice is always aiming for a transition between these spaces, which provides and provokes a political dialogue within the gaps and silences within Brazilian Black LGBTQ community and the wider public especially around creativity and the AIDS crisis. It is through the lens of hip-hop where he originally developed this unique way of working and aesthetic. Working within and across several companies, projects and different groups both physically and online platforms including art, urban spaces, dance battles or theaters, he is founder of Festa Amem (Love Fest), a Black queer party, dancer at Cia. Sansacroma, a Black contemporary dance company and Discípulos do Rítmo, a street dance company who brings to stage hip-hop translated in movement.

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