Felipe Rivas San Martín

Felipe Rivas San Martín is a visual artist and activist of the Sexual Dissidence. He earned his Master of Visual Arts at the University of Chile. He currently lives and works in Valencia, Spain, where he holds a Doctorate in Art from the UPV, as a fellow of the National Commission of Scientific and Technological Research, CONICYT. He develops an inter-disciplinary production relating painting, drawing, performance and video through the technological image (virtual interfaces, digital codes, etc.). He is co-founder of the University Collective of Sexual Dissidence, CUDS, a platform in which he has participated since 2002. He directed the magazines of culture and queer criticism “Torcida” (2005) and Disidenciasexual.cl (2009). He links artistic production and activism with research, writing, and curatorship, in matters relating to art, politics and technologies, queer theory, post-feminism, and performativity.

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