Enmanuel Candelario

Enmanuel Candelario graduated from Fordham University and wrote his thesis on Urban Studies and Spoken Word Poetry. His Political Science and Urban Studies background served as a foundations for his 6 years of youth development work at BHSS as a full time chapter leader offering 24-hour service and support to his young people. For many of the youth in BHSS’ program, chapter leaders such as Enmanuel, are the sole consistent adult figures in their lives. At BHSS, Enmanuel mentored youth weekly, facilitated workshops guiding members in becoming critical thinkers and community leaders, and organized annual retreats that provided many chapter members with their first opportunity in nature and outside the walls of New York City. Enmanuel continues to collaborate with his alma mater to offer Spoken Word poetry classes to underrepresented and economically disadvantaged young people who are preparing for tracks in higher education.

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