E. J. McAdams

E.J. McAdams is a poet and artist who lives with his wife and three children in Harlem, Ward’s Island Sewershed, Manhattan, Lower Hudson Watershed, New York, USA, earth. Last year, he created an installation at The Bronx Museum of the Arts called Trees Are Alphabets. His mail art poem about Martha the last passenger pigeon was on display at the Phoenix Art Museum in Focus Latin America: Art Is Our Last Hope. His latest chapbook is TRANSECTs from Sona Books, and he was interviewed about the book by poet Phil Metres for The Conversant. He is a collaborator and has worked with architects and dancers to create unique walks in New York City and establish innovative institutions like the interdisciplinary Laboratory of Art Nature and Dance (iLAND). He is a naturalist and has worked as an urban park ranger in New York City and as the executive director of NYC Audubon, where he partnered with the real estate sector to have skyscrapers turn off their lights during the fall and spring bird migrations.

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