Birgitta Jónsdóttir

Birgitta Jónsdóttir is a Poetician for the Pirate Party in the Icelandic Parliament and chairman for the International Modern Media Institute, or IMMI. Birgitta has helped create two political movements since 2009: the Civic Movement and the Pirate Party, both of which have successfully entered the Icelandic Parliament. The Pirate Party has been scoring in the polls as the most popular party in Iceland in 2015.

She specializes is 21st century lawmaking with focus on direct democracy, freedom of expression, information and digital privacy. She is a hacker in parliament. Birgitta is also a long-time activist and was a WikiLeaks volunteer when the largest leak in human history was dropped into the digital DropBox of the organization by the courageous whistleblower, Chelsea Manning. She played a crucial role in WikiLeak’s release of Collateral Murder. In early 2010, Birgitta put forward the IMMI parliamentary resolution tasking the Icelandic governments to write the 10 laws described in the resolution. The aim of resolution is to make Iceland a Save Haven for freedom of expression, information and digital privacy. It was unanimously adopted. The creation of the IMMI laws is ongoing.

Birgitta is a regular contributor to The Guardian newspaper and had the honor to guest edit the January edition 2015 of the New Internationalist, titled “Democracy in the Digital Era.” Birgitta is, however, a poet first and last. She is among the pioneers in using the Internet as her global publishing venue; she has published her work online since 1995 and it can be found at and her digital and handmade book-publishing venue, Beyond Borders, can be found at In the aftermath of 9/11 she published and edited two global anthologies titled The Book of Hope and The World Healing Book.

She believes individuals can and should change the world.

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