Anne Focke

Anne Focke’s writing draws on a long life as an artist, organizer, editor, planner, and manager, and as an instigator of both lasting and temporary nonprofit, for-profit, and informal projects. She works with words and ideas, and most importantly with other people. Her focus has been on the arts and on civil society. She was co-editor of Grantmakers in the Arts Reader (1991-2008) and is currently editor of Lucy Bernholz’s annual series of monographs, the Blueprint for Philanthropy and Digital Civil Society published by Stanford University (2009-present). Her chapbook, a pragmatic response to real circumstances, is available from Publication Studio. Her home is in Seattle, Washington.
Photo by Kate Murphy.

Building the Parallel Polis
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Building the Parallel Polis

A polity of literature can assemble in myriad ways and places. American artist and writer, Anne Focke, considers two examples: the “parallel polis” of 20th-century Czech resistance to Soviet domination; and a practice called “the dynamics of difference,” rooted in the work of Native American tribes in the Humboldt Bay area of California.

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