Althea Thauberger

Althea Thauberger is an artist, filmmaker and educator contributing to experimental practices in social documentary. Her projects are produced, in situ responsive processes involving collaborative research and production. The final works — films, videos, audio recordings and photographs — are reflections on local histories and sociopolitical power dynamics, including ones involved in the production process itself. Over the last ten years, she has produced projects in such diverse spaces as the Capri Cinema in Karachi, the archives of the former Still Image Division of the National Film Board of Canada; the Bohnice Psychiatric Hospital in Prague; the Haskell Opera House on the Quebec/ Vermont border; and the former Rikard Benčič Factory in Rijeka, Croatia. Over the last two years, Thauberger has presented solo exhibitions at the Contemporary Art Gallery in Vancouver, the Art Gallery of Southern Alberta in Lethbridge, the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia in Halifax, and the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa.

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